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Mindful Relaxation

Happy and Peaceful Life through Meditation

Mindful Relaxation is a program that aims to bring PEACE to the people in our communities. Its focus is working with the local people and organizations to promote a peaceful and happy environment in societies by using the knowledge and the practice of meditation. It is run largely by volunteers, the Mindful Relaxation Team. We believe that meditation practice can truly develop and improve the quality of life; physical and mental well-being. So the Mindful Relaxation Team has been working tirelessly to reach out to more people who may benefit from this peace-promoting program. We provide many FREE meditation classes and events giving opportunities to people of all ages from different faith backgrounds to try out and enjoy it. So far, peace and harmony have been continuously shared widely with society.

Our Story

The program was founded by Monk Choo in 2018 and motivated by his master who wants to bring peace to the world. Monk Choo thought that it was time that he should reach out to the communities to promote the meditation technique that can bring so much positive impact into our lives. Instead of enjoying the benefits of meditation on his own, he thought that it would be beneficial to others too. So he started the program by calling his friends to join in his idea and working together. Then the program becomes the Mindful Relaxation Team.


We are very happy and proud of this program as so far we could bring so much positive energy to our communities in the passing years. We have been creating a happy and peaceful environment for the locals using meditation. We have been working with different communities to share our program and we hope to continue doing more.

Mindful Relaxation Team


Monk Choo

Founder & Director


Monk Suwed

Meditation Instructor


Krit Aryusook

Program Assistant


Vasinee Aryusook

Program Assistant


Ellen Markowitz

Content Editor

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