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Monk Choo

Wanchalerm Lamyaipongsatorn





257 Midway Ave

Fanwood, NJ 07023

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A Bit About Me

I am a Buddhist monk ordained from the Theravada Buddhist tradition in Thailand. I believe that meditation can improve the quality of life; physical and mental well-being. Anyone can benefit from meditation regardless of their race or belief. So, I have traveled to different locations in different countries to share the knowledge of meditation with the locals for over a decade. I have spent years sharing meditation with people in Thailand, Mongolia, America, and Mexico. I currently live and dedicate my time to helping people find peace and happiness through meditation in the US.

Work Experience

August 2016 - 2023

June 2013 - May 2016

April 2009- May 2013

I have been teaching meditation seriously, which has become my happy routine for over a decade. My team and I reach out to communities to share over a thousand meditation sessions. My work brings peace and harmony to people in communities that I reach out.

I was assigned from the temple to work in Mongolia. It was an unforgettable experience full of happy and exciting adventures. I have taught meditation to thousands of people and worked with many young people to create various programs promoting peace in many Mongolian communities.

This was the beginning of a completely different journey in my life. I was ordained as a Buddhist monk and I started training myself in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Learning and practicing the life of monk was my first step along with daily hours of meditation practice.

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