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May 5-14, 2025

Travel with Monks is a program for people who love meditation and who seek out spiritual knowledge to enhance their spirituality. It is a whole new way to find peace through this special program. The program includes two parts; the first part is about gaining exotic experiences and having fun through an adventurous trip from November 5 to 7 in western Thailand. The second part is the Seven-Day Meditation Retreat from November 8 to 14 in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

Please note this program is not a part of or subsidized by any business or commercial. It is purely a nonprofit program.

Our Journey


This is our first stop, the national park located in Kanchanaburi province. We will take a van in the morning from a hotel in Bangkok and head to the western part of Thailand. Then we will ride on cargo bed of a pickup truck to travel further about 13 miles (21 km) on a dirt road. The activities at this destination include spending a night on a pontoon boat, visiting a stainless temple on an isolated island, campfire, making your own food (if you feel like to), swimming, spending your leisure time, or having conversations with a monk if you like.

Good Vibes

This is our next stop to visit a small village of a friendly local tribe, Karen. Here, you can enjoy interesting and heartwarming activities such as sharing food with children, trying traditional foods, and learning about lifestyle of people. We will stay overnight at this stop.

Meditation Retreat

This is a perfect place for you to spend time with yourself, practice, and learn meditation knowledge from experienced teaching monks. We will provide proper settings in a beautiful and tranquil environment to help improve your meditation skill. Teaching monks will guide you through on how to overcome the meditation obstacles. You will also learn wisdom of life during these seven days of retreat.

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