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Program Details

Part One: May 5-7, 2025

Purpose of this activity:

​1. To enjoy and relax in real nature
2. To explore new life experiences
3. To experience more of receiving and sharing loving kindness

  • May 5
    - Picking up from a hotel in Bangkok
    - Visiting the Pagoda of One Million Buddhas in Pathum Thani province
    - Travelling to the national park in western Thailand, Kanchanaburi province
    - Making a campfire
    - Spending a night on a pontoon boat in the national park

  • May 6
    - Visiting a stainless-steel temple on an island
    - Sightseeing on a pontoon boat in the national park
    - Having a country-style lunch on a pontoon boat
    - Visiting a friendly tribal village of Karen people
    - Sharing activities with children
    - Staying overnight in the village

  • May 7
    - Observing the village life
    - Trying traditional Karen foods
    - Heading back to Bangkok and spending a night at a hotel


  • You may experience some inconvenience from this part of the program

  • There is no internet signal in the national park

  • You have to ride on a truck cargo bed traveling on a dirt road to the national park

  • We will sleep on the same pontoon boat on a sleeping mat

  • Good physical health is required to join this program

Part Two: May 8-14, 2025
Meditation Retreat

Purpose of this activity:

1. To learn meditation with experienced Buddhist monks
2. To form a proper foundation for your meditation practice
3. To learn wisdom for life and spirituality

  • May 8
    - Flying from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, northern part of Thailand
    - Visiting Wat Ban Den in Chiang Mai province
    - Traveling to the meditation retreat center

  • May 9-14
    - Daily meditation practices with experienced teaching monks
    - Learning wisdom and life lessons from monks
    - Meditation workshop with monks
    - Floating sky lanterns
    - Other creative and healthy activities


  • We meticulously reviewed several retreat locations and found this is the best place for meditation

  • The program schedule for the retreat is quite flexible and we will do our best to let you achieve the ultimate sense of relaxation

  • You may request monks to discuss any specific topic of interest

  • You may visit some other nice meditation retreats nearby to absorb a relaxing feeling

Important Information for Travelers
  • The weather at the national park is a little cold at night and in the morning

  • The weather at the meditation retreat is mostly cool throughout the day but hot at times during the mid-day

  • Light colors and loose or comfortable clothes are recommended for the meditation retreat

  • Sandals or flip-flops are good for traveling throughout Thailand; you have to take off your shoes when entering a temple or someone’s house

  • You may bring a swimsuit if you plan to get into the water.

  • Bugs and mosquitoes could cause allergic reactions. So, you may need to prepare for it.

  • A light traveling suitcase is recommended as we have to get on vans, trucks, boats, and planes.

  • It’s highly recommended to exchange some money into THB, Thai currency, for your use

  • If you want an internet sim card, please notify us.

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